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The future of content management is Hybrid

IDC Analyst Connection

by Melissa Webster, Program Vice President, Content and Digital Media Technologies, IDC

May 2013

The rise of mobile, social and cloud computing is dramatically changing the way people work, and this has major implications for the management of enterprise content. Users need to be able to share information easily with collaborators and they need to be able to access their content any time, anywhere and using any device – whether that's a laptop computer, smartphone or tablet. At the same time, organizations must ensure enterprise content is secure and managed in accordance with governance and compliance policies.

Hybrid ECM offers a solution. It addresses the often conflicting requirements of both users and IT and gives enterprises the strategic platform they need to manage enterprise content in the hybrid cloud/on-premise environments that will characterize enterprise IT for years to come.

Read this Q&A with IDC analyst Melissa Webster to better understand the benefits of hybrid architectures in ECM deployments, the various scenarios where hybrid can play a valuable role and key things to look for from providers of cloud-enabled ECM.

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