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Opentext Documentum ECM Customer?
Discover our Open, Cloud-ready Digital Business Platform

Maybe you’re here because your content system is hard to integrate with new technologies. Or because you believe in open source and want to leverage its power. Or maybe because you’re worried about Documentum’s future under OpenText. Whatever your reasons for considering Alfresco, we know a switch can seem daunting. You need to know you’ve made the right decision. A move is more achievable than you think.


A content platform built for modern content needs

Alfresco fulfills the vision of our CTO, John Newton. Years ago, John founded Documentum. But then he had a bold new idea to change the industry forever. He left Documentum to develop Alfresco – a modern, open alternative to traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM). We believe our product meets the changing needs of today’s market. And, so far, hundreds of ex-Documentum customers agree and have made the switch. Here you’ll find some independent resources to help you evaluate Alfresco. Discover why now’s the time to leave your legacy system behind and embrace an open future.


The consultants at TSG know Alfresco and Documentum inside out. For 20 years, they’ve helped clients find the right solution for their needs.
So who better to turn to for a comparison of Documentum and Alfresco? Discover for yourself the reasons why we’re confident Alfresco is the modern, open alternative to Documentum.


We know it’s tempting to keep things the way they are. After all, changing your content platform requires planning and effort.
But IT experts AIIM say standing still is costing you more. Outdated software is blocking innovation and putting your business at risk. Find out how a modern platform like Alfresco can help you stay ahead.


We developed the Digital Business Platform because we believe content-centric workflows are key to digital transformation. And IDC agree.
Read their analysis of our strategy for integrating content, process and governance capabilities. And discover where the experts think content management technology is moving, and how Alfresco can help you keep up.