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Enterprise Task Management

Once upon a time, this was the best possible way to manage government tasks. Those days are over.

We’ve come a long way since stone tablets, and the way you manage tasks should reflect that. Alfresco modernizes government business with automated content, process and information management solutions that meet program needs, create intelligence and deliver value for employees and citizens. Eliminate outdated processes and lower costs by consolidating burdensome legacy systems into a single solution. Securely leverage the agility and enterprise scalability of open source and cloud technologies to increase efficiencies and meet critical program requirements. And let work flow on an entirely different kind of tablet.

Welcome to Now.
“This is a great opportunity for the Department of the Navy to align their tasking and records management efforts and gain administrative and personnel efficiency through the use of DoN TRACKER.  It’s always good to see two companies (Progeny Systems Corporation and Alfresco) work together to provide a solution that supports our great Navy and Marine Corps!”

Rick West (Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (Ret), Progeny Systems. Formerly the most senior enlisted member of the U.S. Navy

U.S. Department of the Navy Enterprise Task Management Solution DON TRACKER