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Health Content Management Platform

This isn’t “data.” It’s Mary.

And now you can really focus on her.

With patient data fragmented across systems, providers can struggle to get a complete picture. Alfresco puts that chaos behind you by consolidating all your data into a single patient view—including structured and unstructured data, everything that’s in your EMR, and everything that isn’t. So you can see your patients for who they truly are.

The human approach to patient data.

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“As digital pioneers we needed to practice what we preach – and that meant putting in place an ECM platform that could unlock business-critical content, processes and collaboration to enable more efficient working practices among our corporate teams.”

David Walliker, CIO, Liverpool Womens NHS Foundation Trust

Sussex partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust use Alfresco to streamline processes and improve access to patient information. With less time spent looking for documents, Clinicians can really concentrate on their patients’.

Key Partners

Focussing exclusively in healthcare and managing > 1 billion patient documents Kainos Evolve provides a mobile enabled, integrated care platform powered by Alfresco.