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Is your Content Management System (CMS) serving you well?

Date: May 30, 2018
Author: Chris Wiborg
Category:Digital Transformation

Last week's news about Alfresco's new product enhancements got me thinking about the value our process, content and governance services provide for our customers - especially when putting that into the context of today's content-centric business landscape.  CMSWire recently published an article related to this topic titled 7 Signs You Need a New Content Management System (CMS), which I contributed to. It was interesting to learn from other business leaders about the dangers of having an obsolete CMS and the impact it has on your customer's experience and your overall business.

In addition to the commentary you'll see in the article, I wanted to summarize, in my view, some of the warning signs to look for when considering a new Content Management System (CMS), as well as ways to solve for them:

  • Users complain about a “one size fits all” experience that no one but IT loves. If you prioritize user experience and put users at the center of your design experience, you'll ensure that you're solving the right problems with the right content.
  • There isn't just one place to get what you need – you have to know which application to open to get what you want. Instead, if you use a content services approach, utilizing a microservices architecture, you'll easily be able to integrate services for storage, archive and workflow into the systems you're already using.
  • It takes forever to roll out new features due to inflexible, proprietary technology. However, using open technologies lends itself to accelerating agility and rapid innovation for your customers.
  • It’s hard to access your content from anywhere. Choosing to manage your content in the cloud makes it available no matter where you are, once again allowing innovation, agility and rapid delivery to happen on your terms.
  • To get work done, we end up sending content via email. Leveraging an integrated process and content workflow helps your most important information to flow freely and efficiently.
  • We don’t really know what we’ve got locked away in there.  However, if you leverage the data in your content, you'll quickly see how you can use it to gain intelligence about your customers and extract value for your business.
  • Compliance is a never-ending concern because information governance is an afterthought. If you build-in information governance into your content management system, you'll begin to see long term business benefits in data security, compliance and records management.

I hope you have a chance to explore these solutions in greater detail through our online guide, The IT Strategist's Guide to Transformation ECM. Also, please chat with us on social media and let us know the ways you're currently modernizing your CMS, using the hashtag #contentservices.


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