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Compliance e governance delle informazioni

“In addition to all of its high value features, the real prize with Alfresco is its ability to deliver comprehensive Records Management. Once our users are leveraging the solution for collaboration and document management, it’s relatively simple for them to make the jump to declaring records using the familiar Alfresco Share interface.”

- Franz Weismann, Assistant Director of Information Management and Technology, The New Brunswick Department of Public Safety (DPS)


Edmonton estende l'implementazione della soluzione Alfresco

“Alfresco provides us with a platform for retaining and managing our most critical documents - student records - easily and cost effectively. Each year we continue to expand our Alfresco implementation to streamline processes, saving the district money and time and allowing teachers to focus on their students.”

- Lea Beeken, Supervisor, District Records and FOIP Management, Edmonton Public Schools

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