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Modernizing Government Records Management

Once upon a time, this was the best possible way to manage government records. Those days are over.

We’ve come a long way since pen and parchment, and the way you manage information—especially records—should reflect that. Alfresco is an integrated, open solution that digitally manages all of your records and automates business processes to dramatically increase efficiencies so you can always find the information you need, fast. And Alfresco is the only open-source platform certified to the U.S. DoD 5015.02 standard for Records Management, which means security is in the bag, no matter what organization you work for. It’s time to bring your information and processes out of the Dark Ages.

Welcome to Now.
“We wanted a more flexible, user-friendly system in line with the Cabinet Office Government ICT Strategy. We now distinguish between working documents and records. The two areas are linked and users can easily declare records in one click while being hidden from the complexities of the File Plan due to the split between information and records.”

United Kingdom Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

Government Records Management Modernization at the Joint Staff