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Alfresco Launches CMIS Developer Toolbox

Leading Open Source CMIS Member Continues to Grow Community for Content Management Standard

LONDON – 17th November, 2008 – Alfresco Software today announced the availability of its Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Developer Toolbox. In September 2008, Alfresco released the industry’s first CMIS specification draft implementation. The company has now made available the CMIS Developer Toolbox. This includes a working implementation and contains resources to assist developers in the CMIS community to start creating portable content applications, based on the draft specification so that when it is finalized they will be ready on day one.

As a contributing member of the draft technical specification, Alfresco is committed to growing the CMIS Community and being the leading Open Source CMIS member - driving development, discussion and adoption of both CMIS and CMIS best practices. In order to encourage developers to learn, explore and prototype CMIS, the Alfresco CMIS Developer Toolbox provides the following resources:
  • CMIS Trial – a downloadable trial of the draft CMIS implementation;
  • CMIS Sample Dashlets – demonstrating how to use the CMIS REST API;
  • CMIS Wiki – home of all things “CMIS”, including details of the technical specification;
  • CMIS Q&A – covering the top ten most-asked questions about CMIS;
  • CMIS Survey – for developers to provide feedback on their experiences with the CMIS;
  • CMIS Forum – participate in discussions on the evolution of the standard;
  • CMIS Blog – hear from an OASIS CMIS committee member on the progress of the standard and Alfresco’s implementation of it;
  • CMIS On-Demand Webinar – discover what CMIS means to the ECM user community; and
  • CMIS White Paper – understand the impact of CMIS on content management repositories.
“CMIS will ultimately enable anyone to develop content applications on open source Alfresco and deploy them on the ECM platform of their choice,” said John Newton, Chairman and CTO, Alfresco Software. “Developers can learn, explore and prototype with the draft CMIS specification for themselves, using the Alfresco CMIS Developer Toolbox and, importantly, contribute their feedback on the developing standard using the online forums and survey. I encourage the ECM Developer community to join the discussion on CMIS and be part of the direction which it takes.”

The draft CMIS specification is backed by all the leading ECM vendors. The objective of the draft CMIS specification is to deliver a common REST or Web Services API that can be used to develop write-once, run-anywhere, next generation content and social applications.

Alfresco CMIS Developer Toolbox is available at:

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