Joint AIIM and Alfresco webinar

The convergence of mobile, social, and cloud computing is revolutionising the way we think about enterprise information and business processes. AIIM’s research has identified use cases and best practices for improving information-intensive processes in an era of mobile, social, cloud, and big data. Ready to hear what we found?

You need to attend this webinar to plan how your organisation processes content. Hear answers to these questions and learn just where to start:

  • How do I move my business processes and content to the cloud without losing control and getting fired?
  • How do I enable my organisation to collaborate with the extended enterprise?
  • How can my organisation get rid of all the paper?
  • How should my organisation use social technologies to improve business processes?
  • How do I get my organisation ready for a world in which everyone uses phones and tablets to interact with my organisation?
  • How can my organisation leverage the information explosion and big data to improve competitive advantage, productivity, and innovation?

Speaker(s) for this Webinar

John Mancini, President

John Newton, Chairman and CTO