Navigation Manager for Alfresco Share

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Navigation Manager for Alfresco Share
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The Blue Fish Navigation Manager for Alfresco Share is an extension created to simplify the process of creating and maintaining web site navigation elements via Share. Navigation Manager empowers business users to manage and change web site navigation without the support of technical staff. With a user-friendly interface, business users can update menu items such as left side navigation, drop-down menus, bread crumbing, and site maps automatically without writing code.

Navigation Manager has taken a process that once required actual “coding” and dozens of page modifications and turned it into a one-step activity that can be performed in seconds. Navigation Manager eliminates the long schedule delays waiting for IT to make seemingly simple web site menu changes, and lets IT folks stay focused on higher value activities.

  • Automatically Update Web Site Navigation
  • No Coding Required
  • Site Map View Within Share
  • Preview Changes Before They are Released
  • Synchronize Changes to Content and Navigation
Call for the latest system requirements
Requires Share integration effort
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