Document Indexing Module for Alfresco Share

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Document Indexing Module for Alfresco Share
Alfresco Content Services: 
4.1, 4.0, 3.4

Turn Alfresco into an Imaging System with the Document Indexing Module from Blue Fish. This extension lets you scan documents into Alfresco with the scanner or multi-function printer you already have and then process them in easy-to-use indexing queues. It enables distributed scanning and indexing without the need for a centralized mail room scanning system.

  • Easily scan documents into Alfresco with the scanner or multi-function printer/scanner/copier you already have.
  • Process documents in easy-to-use indexing queues.
  • No training required. So easy to use, it you’ll master it in minutes.
  • Save time and eliminate tedious repetitive tasks. Designed and optimized for a single purpose, the Document Indexing Module automates a dozen manual steps with a single mouse click.
  • Integrated with Alfresco simple workflows. Automatically approves documents as you index them.
  • Index more than just images. The Document Indexing Module supports PDF, GIF, JPEG, Word Excel, and most other office and image file formats.
  • Create indexing queues for different types of documents or different groups of users. Each user can even have his / her own queue to index documents he / she imported.
  • Scan in one location and index in another. Use distributed scanners in multiple locations, or break up indexing tasks across multiple people.
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