San Francisco, United States
7 Febbraio 2013 - 8 Febbraio 2013

A secure, reliable and flexible solution for working with corporate content has, until recently, been hard to find. Users bring their own devices into the workplace, and with them consumer file sharing services. These approaches aren’t right for the enterprise--they can pose a number of challenges to the IT department responsible for managing the organization’s content.

As companies roll out mobile devices to their workforce, questions arise: How do we share corporate content with our mobile workforce in a secure, scalable way? How do we make sure that critical content, like contracts, sales collateral, and repair instructions get in the right hands at the right time? How do we ensure that users of mobile devices aren’t just consumers of content, but productive participants in our business processes?

This talks answers these questions. You’ll learn how Alfresco turns your iPad, iPhone or Android device into a corporate content workhorse with Alfresco’s native apps. You’ll also learn how to get started building your own custom apps based on the Alfresco Mobile open source codebase and the Alfresco iOS and Android SDKs.

With Jeff Potts, Alfresco's Chief Community Officer.  Attend his talk on Friday February 8 from 12:00 - 12:30. 

Alfresco is the proud sponsor of the Enterprise Apps track at appsworld North America 2013.  Come and meet some of the team on stand number 154.