Case Management solutions unite people, process, and content - centralized around the concept of a case, rather than any specific workflow or group of content.  Across virtually every industry and area of corporate function, the benefits of utilizing a case management approach, with the ability to provide content in context, are being recognized today. Some key elements of a Case Management solution include:

  • Role-based Case Management UI integrating content and processes
  • Multiple business process associated with a single case
  • Varied content types and various content locations associated with a single case
  • Flexibility and simplicity allowing business users to modify case system

Join Alfresco Partner of the Year, Zia Consulting, for this first in a series of presentations on Case Management Solutions for Alfresco.  Focused on Corporate Legal Departments and Law Firms, this webinar will discuss Zia's experience in providing a Case Management solution for the legal department of one of the largest companies in the world, looking at elements of a case management solution that are critical in the legal industry.

Time: 1:00PM EST

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