Houston, United States

Executive Briefing – Getting Control of your Documents for Compliance and Risk Reduction - Houston

A luncheon event for for executives of Pipeline Operators, Gas Utilities, Oil & Gas and Oil Field Services companies.

Many companies are struggling to comply with new regulations and manage their risks as they grow quickly.  These struggles are often related to a similar challenge:  How do you get control of all the documents currently scattered across numerous offices and stored away in multiple warehouses, accurately tag them and put them into one, central system that enables your people to find and manage the information they need to meet the regulator’s requirements?  This often means that,

  • Compliance officers cannot assure that the company is meeting regulatory requirements
  • Management is worried about loss of life or potential fines if something goes wrong
  • Executives are afraid that they may be personally on the hook for a violation that they cannot control
  • General counsels fear that unknown documents create litigation risk
  • Engineers struggle to find the documents needed to keep up with growth and compliance

Although this problem is daunting, it can be solved – and quickly. Join us for our upcoming Executive Briefing to gain a better understanding of how these problems can be fixed in your business. During the event, we'll highlight an end to end solution that addresses the problems created by a recent, rigorous pipeline regulation (HR 2845 – the “Pipeline Safety, Regulatory Certainty, and Job Creation Act of 2011”). During this briefing, we will discuss:

  • The types of challenges you may be facing when it comes to documents physically residing in multiple locations
  • How you can have millions of sensitive documents scanned in a matter of months
  • How these documents can be processed for full text search and intelligent metadata capture
  • How you can easily verify and add metadata to these documents for permanent archiving and future retrieval purposes
  • How this solution can be customized to fit your unique needs and regulatory requirements

Attendance is being limited to maximize the value you will receive and to allow for meaningful conversations.  Lunch will be provided.


Lisa Hill, Director of Client Services for Blue Fish Development Group

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