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Is Alfresco Workdesk Right for Your Business?

Have you struggled to use collaboration technology in your process centric business? Have you had difficulty avoiding customizations to meet your process and end user requirements? Are your users complaining that your content management system should adapt to them, not the other way around? Do you love the collaboration features of Share but want to provide tailored content views to different parts of your organization? Find out how Alfresco's Workdesk solution leverages the power of the Alfresco repository through a highly configurable end-user interface targeted at streamlining content-based business processes.

In this webinar, Blue Fish will present a number of common business use cases related to content management. We'll discuss which of those use cases would be most suitable for a Workdesk solution and which might be best for Share. We'll also walk through an actual use case showing Workdesk in action. This webinar is primarily targeted to business decision makers as well as technical managers.

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