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Migrating to Alfresco Part II: The "How" - Tools & Best Practices for Renovating your ECM System

In the first webinar of this Migration series from Alfresco Partner of the Year, Zia Consulting, we focused on the "Why" and the "What": Why should you migrate to Alfresco and What people are migrating from.  We looked at the costs associated with legacy ECM systems--both license and maintenance costs--as well as the costs associated with systems that aren't being used, won't integrate with your critical business applications, or won't support modern initiatives including cloud and mobile.  We then discussed moving from technologies like Documentum or Sharepoint, as well as moving from embedded or vertical-specific ECM systems, or even moving from content repositories in files shares or email.

For this second webinar of the Migration series, we will focus on the "How".  Specifically, we will cover:

  • Best practices for migrating your content to Alfresco based on experience from dozens of successful Alfresco migration projects
  • Recommended approaches for "phased" migrations
  • Opportunities for "multi-repository" solutions, keeping existing documents within legacy systems
  • Migrating records to Alfresco Records Management (RM) 2.1


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