Atlanta, United States

ECM Renovation Roadshow - Atlanta

It's time.

It’s time to Renovate your ECM system and:

  • Move away from costly and complex legacy ECM technologies that aren’t even being used. 
  • Move away from ineffective business processes that don’t solve your business problems or expensive manual document processing that is crushing your profits.
  • Move away from content silos and a lack of communication between ECM systems and your business applications from ERP to CRM

Join us in building the Future of ECM.

Alfresco and Zia Consulting are pleased to present our ECM Renovation Roadshow, a lunchtime event detailing solutions that provide organizations with a unique ability to match the WANTS of users (easy, collaborative, mobile) with the NEEDS of the enterprise (affordable, secure, compliant), with a focus on three critical components of modernizing your ECM system:

  • Migrate
  • Automate
  • Integrate

We’ll discuss the business value provided by our Renovation Solutions, from immediate and direct costs savings for a rapid ROI, to improving time to revenue through automation, to improved compliance and enhanced visibility into business critical analytics with our reporting and BI capabilities.

Join us.  It’s time.

Lunch will be provided to all attendees.