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CENIT Project Work
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CENIT offers you an end-to-end solution for your project teams. All project-relevant information, documents, decisions and processes are recorded in an assigned project space. All parties within or beyond the enterprise are included.

The technical foundation for efficient project work is the use of select components of the enterprise content management platform Alfresco.

We also empower you to realize tailor-made solutions by offering customization in accordance with your particular requirements and structures. In this way, CENIT offers you a highly integrated solution for your project work.


  • Efficient provision of all information associated with a project.
  • Enhanced communication and faster problem-solving within your teams thanks to a combination of document management, social media, and tools for project work.
  • Comfortable and transparent project and task planning.
  • Mapping of milestones and time & budget requirements: increased reliability of project success thanks to automated status reports on project fulfillment.
  • High user acceptance thanks to lower workloads for typical project tasks and thus a marked boost in efficiency


Benefit from our expertise in project consulting, planning and implementation! More than 20 years of experience in the field of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and our well-established methods and tools have already proven themselves in many successfully completed projects.

Having the right information available at the right time at the right place is a key prerequisite for any successful project. Project participants usually collaborate closely and depend on an efficient means of exchanging information.

Project work involves task planning and execution, making and documenting decisions, developing and releasing concepts. All of these steps continually generate information and information flows. Exploiting them to the best degree possible and using them to generate valuable knowledge for the enterprise is a major undertaking.

Take advantage of our EIM methods and tools to guide your project work! CENIT can support you in introducing these IT-based solutions and securing the success of your projects.

Well-targeted use of social media tools optimizes communication and collaboration. CENIT solutions for supporting project work are based on the requirements of our customers and map the entire course of the project, from project planning all the way to archiving completed projects.

Typical CENIT extensions used for project work:

  • Prefabricated project rooms:
    Main project and subprojects with hierarchy, project specific metadata with create of project room, project specific directories, roles with automatic information processing, areas with projects e-mails archiving
  • Project-related templates: dependant on the kind of project we offer specific project templates
  • Preconfigured project document types:
    The content model for project types contains project specific content types like milestones, tasks, analytic documents, concepts, documentation, contracts, resources,…
  • Process-based project execution
    e.g. automatic delivery of an email when reaching a milestone
  • Project planning and milestone setting:
    e.g.: dashlets for project details, dashlets for milesstones
  • Planning tasks & feedback to task status feedback for task status, e.g. 35% completed
  • Improving the documentation project phase dependent treatment of the documentation
  • Documentation & search also for social media content: project specific search e.g. search form for project id,
  • Efficient search for project-know how:
    E.g. predefined mask for project specific search

Video: http://www.cenit.com/de_DE/eim/ecm/software/alfresco.html

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Alfresco 4.1.x over newer version
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Alfresco Departmental or Enterprise Subscription
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CENIT Project Work for Alfresco 1.5
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Supported by Solution Provider
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Joachim Martens
+49 (0)711 / 7825-3938