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Modernizing Information Management to Advance the Digital Flow of Government Business

Amazon Web Services Office
601 New Jersey Avenue NW, 9th Floor
Washington DC 20001

8:30 AM - 11:00 AM, EST
(Breakfast will be served)

Join Alfresco and AWS for a Discussion on Modernizing the Way You Store and Manage Information to Advance the Digital Flow of Government Business.

Government agencies are faced with a growing information management dilemma – the rate at which their information is growing and how to effectively manage it.

Whether electronic, paper, or resident in the minds of its employees, an organization's business information must be instantaneously - and digitally - accessible so senior leaders can make data-driven decisions at the speed their jobs require.

But outdated legacy content and process systems and costly premise-based storage make it impossible for most agencies to effectively manage their information.

Join Alfresco Co-Founder and CTO John Newton and AWS General Manager, Civilian Government Doug VanDyke as they discuss how to advance the digital flow of government business by investing in IT modernization and taking control of your information. They’ll examine critical success factors including leveraging open source and cloud technologies to extract maximum value for employees and citizens.