Vetrina di soluzioni dei partner

Ixxus Transformation Server

by Ixxus

The Ixxus Transformation Server (ITS) improves Alfresco performance by automating the transformation of content assets into rich alternative formats...

Lotus Notes Integration for Alfresco 3.1

by Westernacher

The Westernacher "Lotus Notes Integration“ for Alfresco is an efficient and easy-to-use instrument for integration of Alfresco features to your...


by Technology Services Group

TSG’s OpenMigrate is a unique migration utility developed for our Alfresco customers that addresses typical one-time and ongoing migration...

SAP Integration Suite

by it-novum

The SAP Integration Suite consists of two modules: ITN Connector and ITN Content Server. ITN Content Server stores SAP documents in Alfresco, ITN...

Windows Explorer Integration for Alfresco

by Westernacher

Online-Editing Features: The Alfresco / Windows Explorer Integration includes an embedded Alfresco Explorer for browsing the repository contents....