Alfresco Developer Branding Guide

These simple guidelines provide information on how to market your app with respect to the Alfresco brand. All apps need to adhere to these guidelines to be approved for the production plan.

Naming your app

When you create an app in the developer portal, you'll be prompted for the app's name. This is what Alfresco will display to your users when referring to your app. Insert the app's name exactly as you intend it to appear to the user. Your app's name shouldn't include the word Alfresco or be similar to Alfresco in either sound or spelling. Check out our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information about appropriately naming your app.

Your app's logo

Please make sure your logo doesn't incorporate any part of the Alfresco logo and is clearly different from our logo.  Again, check out our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information about branding your app.

Using the Alfresco name and logo

When referencing Alfresco, we encourage you to explain how your app integrates with Alfresco, but please don't imply that there is a partnership or that we otherwise endorse your app. Similarly, you can use the Alfresco logo in marketing material to show your app's Alfresco integration, but it should never be modified and should always refer to our product/service offerings. If you are using the logo on a website, it should link to and adhere to our Brand Standards.


If you still have questions about how to use the Alfresco name or logo, feel free to contact us.