DoD In Transition – A New Approach to Enterprise Task Management

Over the years, many technologies and specialized solutions have been deployed to solve the various task and workflow management needs of government organizations. Unfortunately, many have been short-term solutions because they were too expensive to scale, lacked the agility to keep pace with changing requirements, or failed to take into account that one solution does not fit all. For example, a DoD organization may need to fulfill staff actions, but a civilian agency may be more focused on correspondence or FOIA requests.

New e-book: 5 Market Forces Driving Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Discover the five greatest forces demanding a new approach to managing and processing product and engineering information with our new e-book.

Product and engineering information is the lifeblood of the modern manufacturing organization. Many of the activities driving business forward rely on keeping up-to-date with information about new products and releases, for example:

Getting 5.Ready

Getting 5.Ready is Easy

Alfresco 5.Ready is an Alfresco Consulting offering that helps you quickly scope the time and effort needed to properly upgrade to the latest version of Alfresco One. Our trusted experts on the Consulting Team are here to help you get started and successfully complete your upgrade project.

Securing Content in Motion – A GovLoop Cybersecurity Guide Article

In today’s digital world, the amount of information that is created – structured and unstructured data, content, and records alike – presents and unprecedented challenge to ensure the protection of that information from the ever increasing volume of cyberthreats. This has created privacy, security, and information governance concerns for agencies at all levels.