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Alfresco 5.Ready is an Alfresco Consulting offering that helps you quickly scope the time and effort needed to properly upgrade to the latest version of Alfresco One. Our trusted experts on the Consulting Team are here to help you get started and successfully complete your upgrade project.

Securing Content in Motion – A GovLoop Cybersecurity Guide Article

In today’s digital world, the amount of information that is created – structured and unstructured data, content, and records alike – presents and unprecedented challenge to ensure the protection of that information from the ever increasing volume of cyberthreats. This has created privacy, security, and information governance concerns for agencies at all levels.

FCW Mandates Brief – Beyond Meeting the NARA Mandates

In 2012 the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a directive that put agencies on a path to modernizing their management of electronic records, beginning with email. But with the first of the two NARA/OMB deadlines fast approaching at the end of 2016, it seems like the topic of modernizing records management has been surprisingly below the radar. 

IDC White Paper: ‘Information Digital Transformation in Manufacturing’

Information is now the main force behind innovation. Your competitors are investing in data processes to drive their products forward. So how will you stay ahead?

Digital transformation is driving both high tech and traditional manufacturers to consider how to transform the sharing and management of information around products, services, and relationships. With the global nature of supply chains, manufacturers increasingly need to facilitate content collaboration both internally and outside the firewall with suppliers, partners, and customers.

Forrester Report: Future Look: BPM Programs Shift Gears To Accelerate Digital Transformation

‘Open Source Will Lower The Barrier To Entry For Enterprise BPM Deployments’ says Forrester Research, Inc. (1)

As Business leaders increasingly focus on customer experience and digital transformation the need for process change is more pressing than ever. However, to drive digital acceleration, business process leaders need to adapt Business Process Management (BPM) programs to prioritize implementation speed over process perfection.

IDC White Paper: The Imperative for Digital Transformation in Healthcare Information Management Western Europe

In this Alfresco-sponsored white paper, the IDC Health Insights team looks at the digital transformation trends within the European healthcare sector.

Forward-thinking providers can use the insights in this white paper to help design agile and patient-centric care delivery to ease the strain of rising costs, an aging population and ever-increasing patient expectations. Discover new approaches to enhancing current IT systems in order to deliver the agility and complete patient view your clinical teams need. Learn how loosely-coupled Content and Process Management systems can:

IDC Health Insights White Paper: The Imperative for Digital Transformation in Healthcare Information Management US

Discover the digital transformation trends in the US healthcare sector with this new IDC Healthcare whitepaper 

As a healthcare provider you are focused on delivering the best possible patient outcomes. But inflexible legacy IT systems can compromise your efforts. Lacking the ability to provide a single, joined up view of all patient data and with processes hard to set up and slow to adjust.

Does it have to be this way?