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Conditions used before it is this website to use (" Conditions Please read ") carefully. By becoming this website to use, you will be approved these conditions. If you do not approve these conditions, please do not this website to use.

Alfresco Software, Ltd. and its affiliated companies (" Alfresco "), since it may change all of any part of these conditions of use without notice, in order to know the current rights and obligations of customers, You need to check frequently. From the web changes to the conditions of use, and customers is to continue to use this web site, you will be approved the updated usage conditions. At any time, if the customer is no longer approved for use conditions, please discontinue entirely the use of this web site.


Alfresco is through this web site, a wide range of content, communication tools, forums and information about the products and services (" document provides "). Alfresco for the materials for this web site, owns the intellectual property rights, or got permission from the owner of the intellectual property rights, it has to be available at the web site. Any one computer to the displayed part of the article from the website, print and / or download, customer personal of, for information, and may be utilized for non-commercial use only You. However, notification for all the copyright and ownership will be held in the intact state. This whole article Alfresco is on the web site was published or some in advance from Alfresco without having to ask permission in writing, by any form or means, duplication, reproduction, modification, re-issue, upload, publication, transmission or distribution Can not. Such materials to be used for any other web site or networked computer environment or other applications im is prohibited, when such unauthorized use, copyrights, trademarks and other You may want to violate a similar law. If your work is and has been copied in such a way that the copyright violation of your thoughts, please follow the notification and procedures for carrying out the application of the Company's copyright infringement in the following.


Trademarks used in this web site, service marks, and Alfresco logo (" trademark "is a property and the property of their respective owners of Alfresco. Customers are not entitled to use such a trademark, this what is shown in the web site or conditions of use, without prior written permission from Alfresco or their respective owners, the right to use any of the trademark (guess, waiver, prohibited by the anti-word or another way ) it does not give. Alfresco trademark guidelines and policy please visit.

Use of software

From this website any downloadable software (" Software ") is the Alfresco and / or third-party copyrighted material. The use of software by the customer, accessories or the included end-user license agreement in the software (" License Agreement has been managed by the conditions of use "). Unless you first agree to the terms of the license agreement, you must not install the software license agreement is included or included.

The software, if if it was not, you are guaranteed in accordance with terms and conditions of the license agreement. Except that it is indicated in the license agreement, all express or implied conditions, representations and warranties, implied warranty of merchantability, but included in that there is no compatibility or infringement to the particular application, it will be abandoned . However, it is not as far as that if the disclaimer has been to be legally invalid.


Except when the customer has been published for technical support, or with the exception of the case that is specified in this privacy statement, all of the communication of our customers to this web site, will be non-confidential and non-proprietary treatment. We, all comments of customers to Alfresco about our products or services, information, feedback and ideas (" feedback ") that, at the point when the communication to Alfresco has been carried out, are the property of Alfresco, Alfresco owner It will have full rights as. To do this, the feedback (known or later developed) any form, using the medium or technology to use for commercial or any other use, there is no compensation to customers.

Code of conduct

Use of your website, and all applicable local, state, in accordance with national and international laws and regulations, and agree not to violate these laws and regulations. Person who is going to damage this web site deliberately, will be the criminal and civil law violations. Alfresco in the maximum that is allowed by law, has the right to seek compensation to any person.

The defamation this website, nuisance, illegal, slander, the harmful to minors, threatening, insane, do not distribute content that violates false, misleading, or intellectual property rights or privacy rights of third party , you agree that you will not ask or do not link. "Hacking", "cracking", and rewrite any part of "spoofing" or this web site, others it does not go activities to limit or prevent the enjoy or use the Web site.

Alfresco and / or this web site, related to advertising or commercial solicitation on the web site or online service to compete with software or other materials, must not be posted or send materials for the promotion, also virus in it , worms, time bombs, Trojan horses or other harmful or disruptive component, political campaign materials, unhappy letters, mass mailing, spam e-mail, any robot, spider, site search application or this website or its search the structure or presentation on the navigation of content, indexing, "data mine" perform, or to play or avoid in any way, it must not contain other manual or automatic device or procedure. Without the permission of explicit writing, you should not collect information about visitors of the web site.

Links to other sites

Alfresco might provide links to other sites from this web site, but it is for the purpose of your convenience, the link destination of the company, it must not be interpreted as a recommendation of the content also product. The linked sites are not under the control of Alfresco, Alfresco is not responsible for the content of the link destination that is included in the link destination site or linked sites. Alfresco owns the right to terminate the link at any time. If you want to access third-party sites that are linked to this web site, you will be carried out under your own risk. Alfresco disclaims any guarantee (explicit or implicit) to such Linked Sites. This on the accuracy of the content of the linked site, ownership, will contain the legitimacy or legality, but is not limited to it.

User name and password

This password protection or access to and use of a secure area of ​​the web site is restricted to authorized users. Customers will be asked to provide accurate and up-to-date information on all of the registration form of this website. Customers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the user name and password that the web administrator has selected guests only is instead a user name and password or your selected in yourself, not only access to this web site, You are responsible for the activities performed under your user name / password. Customers misuse or share your username or password, misrepresent the partnership with ID or entity, impersonate the person or entity, this was touched through the website, it must not be a false complaint about the material source of. If you violate the obligations under this section, this your right to access the web site is finished, there is likely to be sued.


Alfresco in order to determine that the customer is in compliance with these conditions of use, we have the right to review the communication in this web site, but there is no obligation to review. Alfresco is, if the transmission or the listed materials in the web site has appeared that there is a problem in violation of these conditions of use, or in other aspects, edit the material in their own judgment, the right to reject or delete the publication there is. Customers posted in this web site, information that was available in the transmission or otherwise, the customer only is responsible. Customers for the content of communications to be posted on this web site, errors or violations of the laws or regulations by the customer, action in this web site, for the action or non-action on the communication or publication, and that Alfresco is, there is no legal liability or responsibility I recognize and agree.

Rights of content

Any content, messages, text, files, images, photos, video, sound, profile, work or any other material (" Content View "), by publication or available, customers are persistent in Alfresco The manner in, irrevocable, worldwide, without royalty, and to give a non-exclusive license, Alfresco is through on your web site or web site, play send the content to post or display, application, modification, the translation, publish, publicly perform, you will be able to publicly display and distribute. This license is related to Alfresco is the provision of services, other companies, includes Alfresco rights to a state available content to organizations or individuals, that content will be used with the provision of these services I can. Customers understand that there is a possibility to send or distribution in Alfresco is (a) on your variety of content various public networks and in various media, (b) connection network, devices, services or media technology conditions We understand that you make the content changes needed to conform and apply the content. Alfresco by this license will agree to allow to take these actions. Customers for Alfresco, customers will check and ensure that you have all the rights, power and authority to allow the above license.

Worldwide use

Alfresco manages this site from the United Kingdom Office (United Kingdom, Berkshire, Maidenhead). Other Alfresco site, it can be managed and operated from various locations in the UK and abroad. If you are made of another place to misuse this website, you are responsible for compliance with the applicable local laws. Alfresco is proper products and services that are Genjutsu herein, or do not express that is available worldwide. In fact, certain products and services might not be available in all the world.

Export restriction

Many of the export control laws and regulations, content to a particular country or person, product, will prohibit the export or re-export of services and technologies, it might be applied to this web site. All export laws, and agreed to comply with the regulations and the appropriate agency or institution limit, you agree that you have alone responsible for such illegal exports.


Customers Alfresco, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, staff, director, shareholder, predecessor, interests the successor, employee, in agents and licensors, based on the customer's access and / or use of this website , all of the offers, liability, compensation, loss or exclusion from expenses (such as a reasonable defense fees and expenses), you agree with that defense.


Alfresco is the accuracy of the documentation that is provided in this web site, correctness, it does not have responsibility for the appropriate sacrifice or content. We must not guess that it is the most up-to-date information on this web site with documentation that is continually being updated, or other methods. Alfresco is not responsible for the content or materials removed from the expired or web site. This article has been provided to the web site is provided "as is" and it "remains available". Please use at your own risk this web site. ALFRESCO disclaims any warranty (express or implied), condition or any kind of other conditions of use. The market for a particular purpose in this, including the operation or title of the law, but it is not limited to this. Data this website any materials that have been obtained using the is carried out at your own risk, what happened from that you have downloaded the damage, or any of the materials for to you have a computer system resulting from the download of material compared to a loss, the customer only has a responsibility.

Limitation of Liability

The maximum extent permitted by law, ALFRESCO and its suppliers, direct, indirect, special, not responsible for incidental or consequential damages. To do this, this web site or linked loss of profits or income arising from the fact that it could not be used or use of the site, replacement of expenses, loss of data also damage, or information displayed on this website or will contain the damage caused by use of or reliance on materials, but are not limited to it. And breach of contract, breach of warranty, as well as no matter based on tort or other legal theory, or ALFRESCO or its suppliers had advised against the possibility of such damages, it is the same.

Privacy Policy

Please refer to the Alfresco privacy policy: Http://Www.Alfresco.Com/jp/node/1067/ 

Law to be applied

All of the offers on the relationship between these conditions and the parties, regardless of the low Shokuho, it is governed by English law. If one or more of the conditions that are included in these conditions of use is invalid, illegal, or can not be fulfilled by a court or court of competent jurisdiction, the judgment is not impair the validity of the remaining conditions, the legality or enforceability Hmm.

Notification and procedures for carrying out the application of copyright infringement (applies only in the case of o .. in the United States)

To submit an infringement notice to us, please provide the copyright agent of Alfresco specified listed the following information below.

  1. To be with our customers has been compromised, the description of the copyrighted work or other intellectual property.
  2. # 1 are listed in the item, the customer is likely to and infringe copyrighted material, material description.
  3. Address parties can contact customers who have been to have committed a violation, phone number and e-mail address.
  4. Following statement: "yourself, use that seems to be the infringement of copyrighted material that has been shown in the above, copyright owner, I believe on the basis of good faith and have not been approved by its agent, or the law."
  5. The following statement, "I under the conditions that are applied perjury, information in this notification is accurate, I is the copyright owner of the exclusive rights seems to have been infringed, or ownership I swear that there is a right to make decisions on behalf of the person. "
  6. Customers electronic signature or signature of.

receive notification of when the infringement is to have happened, our designated copyright agent:

Attn: General Counsel

Alfresco Software, Ltd.

The Place, Bridge Avenue

Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 1AF UK

E-mail: Copyrightattoalfresco.Com


If you have any questions with respect to the use conditions, Infoattoalfresco.Com please contact. For other general questions, our please refer to the contact page.