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4.1, 4.0

Alvex is designed to manage complex workflows when even drawing the diagram is nearly impossible. Org chart extension helps to deal with complicated company structure. Dynamic BPM allows connecting workflows to each other for agile process management. Out of office option prevents workflows from being stuck when responsible assignee is absent. Managers get new tools to supervise their teams. Alvex provides both ready for use common extensions and rich APIs for integration into custom solutions.

Alvex features:

  • Related workflows allow creating business processes that are connected to each other. You can start child workflows while working on certain tasks of a parent workflow.
  • Org chart reflects company structure – departments, subdepartments, users and roles. You can browse org chart to pick an assignee or just to find out who is responsible for what.
  • Org chart integration into workflows. You can configure role-based task assignment. For instance, "send document for review to the 'Manager' of current user" - it will be calculated automatically which org chart department current user belongs to and who the manager is.
  • Out-of-office and roles delegation. When you are out of office you can set deputies for different roles to replace you. All the workflows will be automatically re-routed to assign tasks to the deputies.
  • Document registers. Repository organizes files with metadata and Document Registers organize documents, including flexible auto-numbering, relations between them, search, Excel export, etc.
  • Out of the box workflows for the most common use cases.
  • Other features: "Tasks of My Team" extension allows managers to see tasks of their team members, uploader to attach new files to workflows directly from task page, permissions for starting workflows of different types.

Major use cases:

  • If business processes are complex, related workflows allow knowledge workers to assemble them on the fly to address changing requirements. There is no point in endless redrawing of process diagram - it will never work for really complicated cases.
  • If the company is big and you do not know all your colleagues by names, org chart is the only way to go since it provides role-based task assignment, out-of-office and roles delegation, tools for managers to supervise tasks of their teams.
  • If your Alfresco project is short on time, available out of the box extensions, workflows and UI components are the key to success.
System / Additional Requirements: 
Alfresco 4.0.1 and higher. Alvex is supported on all platforms that Alfresco supports.
Requires additional server software install
Licensing Model: 
Subscription model. Licensed by Alfresco server. 2 types of subscription: 1. Self-support: 5 000 EUR/year for a CPU. Provides permanent license, access to the documentation, knowledge base, bug tracker without guaranteed response time. 2. Standard: 15 000 EUR/year for a CPU. Provides permanent license, access to the documentation, knowledge base, technical support with guaranteed response time.
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1.3 Enterprise
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