In today's economic and regulatory climate, the financial services market is facing many challenges. 

Among the challenges are:

  • How can you store valuable and potentially confidential information without security breaches?
  • How can you automate paper-intensive processes? 
  • How can you provide secure file collaboration outside a corporate firewall?

With the explosion of mobile, cloud and BYOD, people are working differently than ever before; they are downloading, sharing and editing content across platforms inside and outside the firewall. 

Content hasn't changed; content is still king in the enterprise. But the types of content, and the places that the content needs to travel to enable business processes, continue to evolve dramatically. 

This Webcast will reveal how enterprise content management (ECM) changes the way financial services does business by:

  • Capturing e-signatures
  • Providing secure collaboration in the cloud and
  • Automating paper-intensive business processes.