Businesses need to securely collaborate with a range of business partners. But current on-premise technologies do not lend themselves to easily share key business documents. This is driving users to adopt consumer tools to enable them to get their work done. But this leaves companies vulnerable - what many are calling the 'Dropbox Problem'   What is needed is a new approach to content management that provides an easy to use secure extranet.

Alfresco is able to connect people, content, systems and processes securely on both sides of the firewall, providing hybrid ECM capabilities from behind the firewall to the cloud - and then down to mobile devices.

  • Join this webinar where we will discuss:
  • The issues facing users trying to work with partners
  • The risks associated with consumer tools
  • How a new hybrid approach can provide a secure extranet for collaboration
  • A new approach that can enable new mobile businesses
  • How new synchronisation tools can enable consumer like ease-of-use, but enterprise scale protection

Presenter: Paul Hampton, Director of Product Marketing, Alfresco