Many companies find themselves trying to deal with thousands, even millions of documents. Managing that many documents is difficult. Integrating them into a great digital experience on your Web or mobile sites is an even greater challenge.

Alfresco will show you how its open source platform extends your Drupal site, and provides a solution for managing document creation and keeping track of document versions. Integrated with Drupal, Alfresco improves site load times and ensures better organization and content management.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Browsing for documents and publishing content directly to your Drupal site
  • Editing your content in MS Office or Google Docs for easy document management
  • Extending your content to the Alfresco Cloud for wide user access
  • Extending processes and workflows to your Drupal website

Time: 1:00PM EST

Webinar is also showing at 9:00AM EST. Register here for earlier time.