Public Alfresco Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Server

Test your Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) applications using the public Alfresco CMIS server.

The server supports Content Management Interoperability Services 1.0 and the browser binding is based on the CMIS 1.1 draft. Please note, this server runs bleeding edge code and is not optimized for performance.  Data stored on this server might be removed without notice.

Looking for help on building CMIS applications? Fill out the form on this page for your chance to win the free CMIS ebook, CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action.  All submissions will get two free chapters.

Plus, here are some additional resources to help get you going:

Alfresco 4.x CMIS Content Repository for applications

Point your CMIS client to one of the following CMIS bindings with user=admin and password=admin

Or browse this repository via:

Alfresco 3.x CMIS Repository (obsolete)

The Alfresco 3.x CMIS URLs are still available but should not be used.

CMIS 1.0 Resources

CMIS 1.1 Resources

CMIS Client Libraries