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OpenWEM & Alfresco: Combining To Create Outstanding Experiences For ALL Users

Take advantage of integrating Drupal’s powerful OPEN WEM personalization and web content management tools with Alfresco to provide a full suite of tools for digital marketers.

OpenWEM is an Acquia initiative for delivering amazing yet simple digital experiences across a unified platform for content, community, and commerce on the Open Web. It creates immersive digital content and campaigns, socialize them across multiple communities and channels, and deliver the ultimate shopping experiences along the customer journey.

Alfresco is an open source enterprise class rich document repository system with powerful out of the box features around collaboration, document management and workflow. It also affords great backend records management capabilities and a Lucene (“Google like”) search document indexer.

Alfresco compliments WEM and Drupal by providing a feature rich UI for managing document assets that are exposed inside a Drupal Environment. This integration allows digital marketers to take advantage of all the tools of both these platforms to deliver a compelling user experience.

Join us for this live webinar where we will talk about and show how combining these two user conscious technologies allows you to:

  • Automatically personalize content based on a user’s stated personal attributes (their interests, skills, etc.
  • Create a transformative, content-rich shopping experience for the end user and the ability to add user-generated content and share that content to popular social media sites
  • Make it easy for non-technical users to author, review and publish content
  • Expose Alfresco’s document repository into the Drupal environment
  • Much much more

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