Brava! for Alfresco

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Brava! for Alfresco
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Seamlessly integrated into Alfresco One, Brava!® Enterprise adds easy-to-use viewing and annotation that helps streamline content workflows across the organization. Organizations can save money (a single application to view any format), increase productivity (speed access to needed content) and enhance security (redact sensitive content and apply stamps and watermarks).

Key features:

  • Universal Viewer. View and annotate practically any type of file, including PDFs, drawings, images, Microsoft Office documents and more.
  • Cross-platform compatibility. The zero-footprint Brava HTML5 client runs in almost any browser on most platforms, including PCs and Macs.
  • Text comparison. Compare two different documents, even in different formats (for example, an original contract in Microsoft Word and the signed PDF), or two versions of a document.
  • Quick access to content. Brava adds file thumbnails to Alfresco search results and document lists to make finding the right content easy and fast.
  • Integrated search. Brava’s Search can pick up search terms used in Alfresco and load the selected document zoomed to the first hit (and with all hits highlighted). All hits in Brava can also be viewed in a list in context to help find the right instance.
  • Redaction. Remove sensitive content with Brava’s redaction tools.
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