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Complete ECM via Microsoft Office & Outlook Integration with Alfresco

Users today do everything from within their Office & Outlook applications including search, store and retrieve documents for editing. Without directly connecting Alfresco as the back-end repository for such activities, this often proves to be an inefficient way to organize critical business processes and tasks. Micro Strategies provides complete ECM solutions inside Microsoft Office & Outlook that are seamlessly integrated with Alfresco. With Micro Strategies’ Microsoft Office & Outlook integrations customers can:

1.     Search across a repository using pre-defined document properties

2.     Search for document folders based on folder properties (industry name, project name, matter name, loan number, etc.) and then select appropriate documents within a folder to edit

3.     Users can easily assign document properties to e-mails and attachments individually or tag a number of e-mails and attachments with the same properties (Deal, Project, Matter, etc.).

4.     Easily save e-mails and attachments into a repository

5.     Eliminate saving multiple copies of the same e-mail

6.     Accomplish tasks without needing to leave Office

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