Alfresco Trademark Guidelines and Policies

Alfresco's trademark guidelines provide general guidance on Alfresco's policies relating to trademarks and proper referential use of Alfresco's trademarks. If you do not find the answer to your question in these guidelines, please consult your legal counsel for advice. Alfresco will not review requests for permission to use trademarks or for guidance pertaining to the use of its trademarks unless it is in the course of a business relationship.  Therefore, Alfresco will not respond to requests to review such matters, including but not limited to product offerings, advertising, marketing materials, domain names, or other collateral. Please consult your legal counsel on these matters.

If you have trademark questions pertaining to an existing agreement or other business dealings with Alfresco, please contact your Alfresco business contact. They will seek advice from the Alfresco legal department as appropriate.

Trademark Guidelines

The Brand Standards must be followed when the use of Alfresco's trademarks is authorized by Alfresco. If you have questions about the Brand Standards, please contact