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Technology managers are decommissioning heavy-footprint, complex products architected in the 1990s in favor of flexible, interoperable platforms designed for faster delivery of smarter and simpler content applications.

Maximize the Business Value of New ECM Deployments with a Clear Migration Strategy

When Forrester Research spoke to technology decision makers about their existing or prospective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, one of their number one concerns is that their deployment maximizes value and growth for the organization.

The truth is that new use cases and business priorities demand new, non-legacy platforms. Growth-oriented organizations are using new ECM deployments as an opportunity to bring business and technology teams together to share their vision, reach consensus on handling legacy content, streamline processes and simplify applications. But how do you guarantee the technical deployment of an ECM platform while ensuring the business has the content and data to fuel growth, make better decisions, and serve its customers?

Get your copy of the June, 2014 Forrester report to learn:

  • Insights on using migrations as an opportunity to connect business and technology teams

  • Business and technical considerations needed for faster delivery of smarter and simpler content applications that drive core company missions

  • Ways to evaluate deployment options and engage experts to assess best approaches


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