Alfresco and Adobe continue relationship on

Published on in Fierce Content Management

Alfresco announced this week that its ECM product will power Adobe's new website. The announcement comes on the heels of an earlier agreement to include Alfresco content management components as part of Adobe's LiveCycle product. is Adobe's entry into the online application market. Last year they purchased Flash-based word processor Buzzword, and have made it the centerpiece of the service offering. In addition, you can create PDFs online, collaborate, have online meetings, and so forth.

The Alfresco CMS is expected to have to manage huge volumes of documents on, which should go a long way toward proving that Alfresco can scale to the needs of just about any organization. Alfresco CEO John Powell says that they are always asked if an open source CMS can scale to the needs of a large enterprise repository with tens of thousands of documents. Well, the Adobe project should generate hundreds of thousands of documents, perhaps even millions, which should answer those questions.

This is a huge deal for Alfresco because it pushes an open source CMS vendor directly into mainstream computing; it should prove that Alfesco's systems can stand up to the most rigorous environment. Powell says that his company thinks Adobe's content-centric products make it a good match for Alfresco and what they are doing. Now, with its CMS powering a huge content-sharing site like, it looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the open source content management vendor and the software giant.

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