Alfresco And Joomla Launch Industry's First CMIS Implementation

in Information Week

Alfresco continues to blaze the trail when it comes to real-world implementations of the proposed Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard. Its latest step forward was the release this week of a module that allows integration between Alfresco and Joomla systems.

The module, built using the draft CMIS specification and developed in conjunction with Joomlatools, will allow organizations using both Alfresco's content repository and Joomla's content management system to link them together, more or less seamlessly.

Larry Cannell makes a number of good points on the Burton Group blog:

What is most interesting to think about is the flexibility this might enable. Either Joomla or Alfresco could be replaced: The Alfresco back-end could be replaced with another CMIS-compliant ECM (without changing code on the Joomla site). The Joomla front-end could be replaced with another CMIS-compliant application or website (without changing code on the Alfresco site).

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