Alfresco Launches Full Frontal SharePoint (MOSS) Assault

in CMSWire

Brava! Alfresco Labs 3 is striving to be a viable open source alternative to Microsoft’s SharePoint MOSS enterprise content management offering.

As of today, Alfresco Labs v3 — the application formerly known as Alfresco Community — offers potential SharePoint customers a different option, providing them with what they claim is the first fully-compatible open source SharePoint repository.

Prior to today’s announcement, CMSWire had the opportunity to speak with Alfresco’s CTO, John Newton, about this new offering. According to Newton, “everything you can do with SharePoint, you can now do with Alfresco.”

That’s a tall order, we’d say.

But if in fact true, this seems like a dream come true for those in the open source community that are demanding an open, yet compatible alternative to Microsoft’s flagship collaboration product.

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