Alfresco Takes Aim at Microsoft with Open Source Sharepoint Alternative

in DaniWeb

Alfresco released Alfresco Labs (Beta) 3 today and with it announced a new capability that enables businesses to leverage Microsoft Sharepoint functionality without buying additional Sharepoint licenses. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, and what has allowed Alfresco to do this is the 2004 EU Commission order for Microsoft to publish the Sharepoint protocol. Apparently, Alfresco is the first ECM vendor to take advantage of the Sharepoint protocol availability. I spoke to Alfresco CEO John Powell about the significance of this announcement.

“I think is really a game changing announcement,” Powell says. “The core of Microsoft growth is based around Office, the server products and Sharepoint. I think this is a huge announcement in terms of giving people the ability to choose.”

Alfresco is aiming straight at the heart of Microsoft enterprise dominance with this release. “We wanted to eliminate the advantage Microsoft has with the Office monopoly and this eliminates that advantage for Microsoft because now a user can choose to use Alfresco as easily as they would choose to use Sharepoint.” What’s more, Powell explains, even if you have an existing Sharepoint investment, you can start using an Alfresco repository along side it.

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