Alfresco updates their Enterprise Content Management platform with new solutions to improve business workflows

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Alfresco updates their Enterprise Content Management platform with new solutions to improve business workflows.

According to Gartner, “Digital business is about people either using or considering to use the Web as the main business public thoroughfare and marketplace. ECM needs to be reinvented for this new ‘place’ and ‘pace’ of business.”

To address this need Alfresco Software has launched Alfresco One Enterprise 5.0 and Alfresco Activiti Enterprise updates to their enterprise content management (ECM) platform.

Alfresco One Enterprise 5.0 includes a set of new enhancements and modules including integration with Microsoft Office applications and Outlook, new live search capabilities with dynamic and filtered results, HTML5 previews with live interactive text, new reporting and analytics, support for SOLR4 and CMIS 1.1, content encryption, scalability features, hierarchical storage optimisations, administrative and deployment tools.

Additionally Alfresco have also updated their business process management (BPM) platform Activiti Enterprise. The tool launched in May of this year is now tablet-friendly and new features include a simple step-based process design with drag-and-drop forms designer and library, a Tasks App collaborative business process management tool, Process App a process packaging and deployment tool, and statistics and performance reports.

The suite is available as a service, through a true multi-tenant hosted offering from Alfresco, or as an on-premise offering with a range of editions. This includes an on-premise multi-tenant edition to allow large organisations to manage their BPM needs as an internal software as a service (SaaS).

Business and operational models from the 20th century no longer scale as traditional enterprises face exponential growth in information, activity and connections. “Today’s digital enterprise will integrate information, processes, work and people to collaborate more efficiently and effectively to produce more valuable products and services,” said John Newton, CTO and Co-Founder of Alfresco Software. “It’s our responsibility to deliver simple and smart ECM business process solutions that contribute to a happy workplace and build a productive enterprise.“

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