Alfresco Weaves Its ECM into

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Alfresco Software, creator of the open source Alfresco ECM system, has announced that Adobe Systems has implemented Alfresco’s ECM capabilities into the website. The system will now maintain hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of documents that can be uploaded, shared, converted and collaborated. This marks a giant step forward for Alfresco and all of the open source development community.

Adobe and Alfresco Integrate for

Adobe and Alfresco recently announced integration between Adobe LiveCycle ES and the Alfresco ECM. Considering that both companies were already familiar with each other, it makes sense that would receive some lovin’ from Alfresco as well.

What is

Adobe Acrobat should be a familiar name to anyone who has viewed a PDF using Adobe Reader (formally Acrobat Reader) or used Adobe’s products to create or convert PDF files. As the popularity of software-as-a-service solutions increase, Adobe creating an online version of their Acrobat products was just bound to happen. The work from Adobe has resulted in, which was introduced in June 2008.

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