Alfresco's Latest ECM: Prying Open a Sector?

in Internet News

John Newton, the chairman and CTO at open source document management firm Alfresco, is no stranger to Enterprise Content Management (ECM). You might even say he helped put the term on the IT map when he co-founded Documentum, the document management company that EMC later bought.

But that was then. Now, he's all about Alfresco's latest Enterprise 2.2 product, and is trying to up the ante in a market sector dominated by proprietary vendors.

"We are building the product to customer requirements, particularly in what they need for developing knowledge worker applications, compliance applications or corporate intranets and internet Web sites," Newton told "However, this brings us into competitive and winning situations with Filenet, OpenText and EMC on the document management side, Vignette and Interwoven on the WCM (Web Content Management)side, and increasingly Microsoft SharePoint on both."

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