CMS Watch - When will ECM open up?

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We're often asked why there are so few ECM open source options, when at the same time the Web CMS marketplace supports so many open source alternatives? In the Web CMS world, there are easily 20+ open source CMS options. We cover 10 of the most significant in our Web Content Management research. Conversely, there are really only 4 ECM options globally available today. For the record those are Nuxeo, KnowledgeTree, Alfresco, and InfoGrid.

ECM platforms are by their nature highly complex systems that revolve around enterprise processes (sometimes working in tandem with business process management software), as well as typically interface with a wide range of other technologies from imaging through rendering to archiving. A high percentage of ECM deployments integrate with legacy business applications such as CRM or ERP solutions. That's very different from most Web CMS deployments -- which are usually more standalone in nature.

Part of the historic challenge for open source ECM has been an allergic reaction to integrating with Microsoft Windows and Office. Fortunately, that's changing a bit.

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