CMSWire - SharePoint vs Alfresco: a platform perspective

in CMSWire

In our February article entitled Under the Covers: Alfresco's SharePoint Services (WSS) Killer we looked at Alfresco's (news, site) take on providing basic document and collaboration services for free. Alfresco's project is called Alfresco Share.

When we posited that Alfresco Share was after SharePoint Services' marketshare, it sparked a bit of chatter — some positive, some not so much.

Voices in the SharePoint camp said that the two solutions should not be compared, that SharePoint was a platform — much more than a simple collaborative document management solution, whereas Alfresco was only providing some services.

While we believe the comparison was fair, we also agree that there's more to SharePoint than immediately meets the eye. By the same token, there's more to Alfresco than just Share, much of which we eluded to in the article.

Is it worth it to look at a side-by-side view of SharePoint and Alfresco from a platform perspective? Is it possible that one is significantly better than the other? Maybe, but the answer you get may not be the one you expected.

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