'Do More with Less' and Use Open Source

in IT Business Edge

Bentley: Why are open source companies uniquely poised to grow even when the economy is so tough?

Asay: Several reasons. First, many open source companies, including Alfresco, SugarCRM, Red Hat, and others, deliver equal or better functionality than our proprietary competitors at a significantly lower cost. In many cases, Alfresco is 5 percent to 10 percent of the cost of a proprietary solution, despite delivering superior ease-of-use, scalability, etc.

Second, we know how to grow prudently. Open source companies benefit from improved code quality, but also a low-cost distribution model. This model means that customers will find us in the downturn, rather than open source companies spending truckloads of money trying to find those with budgets. Our sales and marketing costs are a fraction of proprietary software companies, allowing us to build and deliver better products for less.

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