With New Alfresco App, Enterprise Content Management Takes the OSS Road

in Tech News World

Alfresco Software announced Thursday the availability of Alfresco Labs version 3, an open source alternative to Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) enterprise content management (ECM) software SharePoint.

Formerly called "Alfresco Community," Alfresco Labs 3 offers users the first open source fully compatible SharePoint repository. With Alfresco Labs 3, companies can leverage existing investments in Linux, Java as well as .NET to significantly reduce their SharePoint total cost of ownership and maximize their hardware and software investments, according to Alfresco.

"This product upgrade is a good example of how we are using judo against much larger and more established players in the market. We are attacking one of the last Microsoft strangle holds," John Powell, CEO of Alfresco, told LinuxInsider.

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