Open Source Funding Signals CMS Shakeup

in Information Week

The last few years have seen a ton of movement in the open source software market. And the recent string of acquisitions are sure to shake up the business of content management.

If you look at where the money's flowing, you'll find a lot of folks are betting on open source software that helps businesses push out content in real time. Call it whatever flavor or decimal point you want (CM 2.0, e2.0), but if you're a fast mover in content management, you're popular these days.

In fact, I spoke with Alfresco's CEO John Powell last week and he confirmed just that, remarking, "demand for the the company's open source ECM services are boiling over." If you don't believe Powell, you might want to ask SAP (NYSE: SAP) Ventures, Accel Partners, and Mayfield Fund, as they just wrote a check for $9 million to help Alfresco battle ECM incumbents like IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Oracle (NSDQ: ORCL).

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