ReadWriteWeb - Does Sharepoint's Lag Mean an Opening in Multi-Billion Content Management Market?

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The word is out that Sharepoint 2010 is not getting the adoption that Microsoft had expected. The slow gain reflects the business cycles of license renewal but also means a turning point in the market and a multi-billion market opportunity for companies like Alfresco Software.

Alfresco Software is an open-source content management system. Today it is announcing significant upgrades to its platform. Arguably most noteworthy is its integration with Spring, the Java-based platform for application development owned by VMware, formerly known as SpringSource.

Spring, as it is now called, is one of the hottest platforms in the enterprise market, fueling already strong growth in the market for app development.

Alfresco's integration with Spring is indicative of a trend that points to challenges for Sharepoint 2010. The platform is already expensive enough, requiring server upgrades and a mandatory investment in 64-bit architecture. It has the capability for third-party integration but that is far different than the ease of use that an open-system CMS like Alfresco provides.

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