Special 'SQL' mooted for unstructured data

in Network World

Companies dealing with unstructured data could be soon offered their own version of SQL following the efforts of seven leading software companies.

The Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification, which has just been submitted to the Oasis standards body, is aimed at doing for unstructured data what SQL did for databases in the 80s according John Newton, chief technology officer for Alfresco, one of the software vendors driving the process.

The objective of the draft CMIS specification is to deliver a common, REST or Web Services, an API that can be used to develop write-once, run-anywhere, next generation content and social applications.

Newton believes the SQL comparison was a good one. "The query language that will be used within the spec is actually a form of SQL, offering several options for querying the repository, including location, properties, and full-text" he said. "There's a huge amount of unstructured data out there and we should be able to query it in exactly the same way that we query databases, what's been holding us back is the lack of an SQL," he added.

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