Tech World - Allianz removes walls of paper with open source ECM

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The paperless office may still be a pipe dream, but insurance giant Allianz has freed up prime CBD office space by replacing paper-based processes with the Alfresco open source enterprise content management system.

Tim Rynne, office automation manager at Allianz Australia Insurance, said although it was identified as a business requirement 18 months ago, the organisation had held off deploying a content system because it could not find one suited to its needs.

“We moved into a 'paperless office' with lots of paper,” Rynne said. “We had a lot of paper, people were working in a new building with stacks of paper around their desks. A lot of it was Post-It notes.”

Allianz Australia is a subsidiary of the global Allianz Group and has some two million local policy holders, more than 300 staff and runs its IT shop with a good level of autonomy.

“We had a number of projects with document management components, but it was implemented in a special way,” Rynne said. “We have Notes content, paper and the classic file directories and direct attached storage.”

As part of a number of projects around BPM, it needs ECM (enterprise content management) for functionality that is “more than just storage” and at the same time wanted to reduce emissions and viewed paper as “part of the problem”.

Moving to electronic processes would also allow Allianz to move or eliminate physically stored content which, in the case of CBD office space, could translate into a hard ROI for the ECM project.

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