The Var Guy - Red Hat, Alfresco Attack Microsoft SharePoint

in The Var Guy

The VAR Guy hears it all the time: VARs and managed service providers generate hefty profits with on-premise and hosted Microsoft SharePoint. In fact, SharePoint has grown to become a $1 billion business for Microsoft. But now, Red Hat and Alfresco are trying to direct some of those SharePoint channel dollars toward open source alternatives. Here’s the scoop from The VAR Guy.

According to Red Hat and Alfresco: Customers can achieve a TCO (total cost of ownership) savings of up to 89 percent by using Red Hat, JBoss middleware and Alfresco rather than SharePoint. Not by coincidence, Alfresco positions itself as the open source alternative to SharePoint.

In a bid to prove the financial point, Alfresco Chief Marketing Officer Ian Howells will present a case study during Red Hat Summit 2009 (Sept. 1-4, Chicago)..

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