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CMSWire - 3 (+ 2) Players in Open Source Enterprise Collaboration

Alfresco, a pillar of the open source content management landscape, continues to reinforce the concept of "social content management" with its latest release. While Share is less a SharePoint killer and more of a Sharepoint agitator, the product appeals to both users and IT administrators alike.

The Economist - The leaky corporation

IN EARLY February Hewlett-Packard showed off its new tablet computer, which it hopes will be a rival to Apple’s iPad. The event was less exciting than it might have been, thanks to the leaking of the design in mid-January.

ReadWriteWeb – The Paradox for Jive Software

Jive is used as the front-end solution (for social collaboration around documents), and Alfresco is used as the document repository:From the Jive interface, people can upload documents into Alfresco, and then get the corresponding link to collaborate around it using the Jive features.

KMWorld – Social content management from Alfresco

Alfresco has released Version 3.4 of its enterprise content management system. The latest iteration has been designed for developers and companies to build applications where enterprise content is "social-ready" — that is, shared, collaborated on and syndicated across the Web — and captured for... – Alfresco: Content Management for Small Business

Having the right collaboration tools is a key to success, even in a small business. If you're running a small or medium-sized business, you might want to consider setting up the Alfresco open source content management system to boost document sharing, collaboration, and more.The Benefits of Content...

ITWeb Computing – Alfresco goes social

Open source software provider Alfresco has released version 3.4 of its paid-support enterprise content management (ECM) product, offering a new focus on social content, reports Information Week.Alfresco's CTO John Newton says: "Social content management is where the capabilities of social business...